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Dung Quat PP Plant to come on stream in Q1.2010

US$4.8 million for refinery’s SPM maintenance
$4.8 million for refinery’s SPM maintenance 08:07:49.0, 11-12-2009 A contract for provision of physical routine inspection and maintenance of SPM topside & floating hoses and subsea pipeline of Dungquat Refinery has been inked at a value of $ 4.8 million. The Single Point Mooring (SPM) facility, which has a lifetime of around 20 years, is designed to load crude oil from vessels during the normal operation time or diesel oil during the factory start-up time. According to the terms of the contract, the consortium of contractors shall be responsible for the inspection & maintenance of the SPM facility for 1 year.
The SPM buoy has a diameter of 12 meters, height of 5 meters, of which the sub-sea part is 3.75 meters high, the above-sea part 1.25 m, with a loading capacity of 6,000 cubic meter of crude per hour. Crude oil is pumped from vessels via the SPM facility into the pipeline-end-manifold (PLEM) and the pipeline and runs into the crude tanks. After a period of operation, residuals occur inside the pipeline, then a pipeline pigging system will be applied and operated at a speed of 1.300 cubic meter per hour to make the pipeline clean. SPM system can accommodate up to 110,000-ton vessels. The pipeline connecting the SPM and the crude oil tanks farm is 4.2 km long, 3.2 km of which runs undersea and the rest goes underground. The said contract was entered into by and between Binh Son Oil Refining & Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (BSR) and the joint venture of POS, EIV and Malaysian OSS.
Put into operation in June 2008, the SPM has received so far 16 vessel visits, loading a volume of 1,260 tons of crude serving the trial operation of Dung Quat refinery. According to the government’s report to the National Assembly early this month, the trial operation has reached 99% of the overall schedule; the owner and the contractor are running against time to complete this giant factory and conduct final hand-over in December 2009 or January 2010 at the latest. Title Blog Entry My first translation on new duty

Doosan Vina and “made in Vietnam” desalination evaporator 
08:47:13.0, 11-16-2009
Doosan Heavy Industries Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Doosan Vina) organized a ceremony on 13 th Nov 09 at Dung Quat Economic Zone to celebrate the completion of the first-ever “Made-in-Vietnam” desalination evaporator to be exported to the United Arab Emirates.
After 8 months of manufacture, fabrication and pressure testing, the equipment is now completed with a weight of 40 tons, dimensions of H 10.6m x W 29.2m and L 100,4 m, capable of producing 75,900 cubic meters of portable water from seawater daily. Such volume of portable water is estimated to meet the demand of around 250,000 people (equal to the population of a small city). It’s said that this technologically advanced evaporator “turns salty ocean water into portable water for our thirsty planet”. The giant equipment will be transported to and installed in Suweihat city – 60 kilometers to the west of UAE’s capital city Abu Dhabi.
Presenting at the Ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister HOANG TRUNG HAI appreciated this event which is said to help the heavy industry of Vietnam reach a higher level. He also encouraged Doosan Vina to continuously focus on and maintain a good growth of this desalination industry and train and educate the local workers to improve their knowledge and skills. Representative of Doosan Vina’s mother company which is pursuing a global vision called this $40 million product the “Made in Vietnam” one, made by Doosan Vina’s workers with all their great cleverness, hard-working and dedication.
On the occasion of the event, the Company also made a donation of VND 300 million to the local government to help the local people overcome the consequences of the devastating Ketsana typhoon.
The Korean-invested Doosan Vina is now considered a successful FDI project in Dung Quat Economic Zone. Overcoming the relative difficulties in a newly-developed economic hub, Doosan Vina has made admirable progress in terms of factory construction and completion, products manufacture and export, image building throughout Vietnam and overseas etc. The celebration and export of this evaporator helps feed the pride of Doosan Vina people and is expected to be a stimulus to a dynamic Dung Quat under the circumstance of the current global economic downturn.
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Dung Quat PP Plant to come on stream in Q1.2010
16:19:01.0, 12-07-2009
According to source from Dung Quat Refinery Management, the supporting utilities supplying power, water and gas for Dung Quat Polypropylene (PP) Plant have been put into trial operation. It’s expected that the technology units of this PP Plant will come on stream in the first quarter of 2010, using the propylene supplied by  Dung Quat Oil Refinery (propylene recovery unit) to process the first batch of “made-in-Vietnam” PP.

In June 2009, PetroVietnam General Services Corp (PetroSetco) announced that it was contracted to trade and distribute all the PP products manufactured by this Plant. The company is also considering the investment of a packaging factory in Dung Quat which will use PP materials as the input to manufacture types of packaging products to be supplied to various clients, including fertilizers and animal food producers.
PP plant owned by PetroVietnam is worth of US$232 million, its annual capacity is designed to be 150,000 tonnes of PP output. PP is a kind of translucent and heat-resistant polymer used in a wide variety of applications, including packaging, textiles, automotive components etc. The plastic industry is one of Vietnam’s major export pillars, with plastic products export value in 2008 was more than US$ 750 million; but this industry depends totally on imported materials. In 2008, Vietnam imported more than 480,000 tonnes of PP, therefore, the annual output of Dung Quat PP Plant is likely to reduce the dependence on PP import, and open more opportunities for the domestic plastic industry.
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