Friday, September 19, 2014

JFE discontinues plan for steelworks in Vietnam

In  a press release made on its website, JFE has officially announced its decision to quit involvement in the Guang Lian Steel project located in Dung Quat Economic Zone, Quang Ngai province, leaving E-United Group alone with the project.

The press release did not reveal the reasons for JFE Steel’s discontinuing the participation in the project; however, insiders tend to link this leaving decision to the fact of unapproved investment incentives and the fierce competitions from giant steel mills under construction in Vietnam and in the region.  The situation raises the questions over whether E-United Group would go on with the project and how it would arrange the finance to feed this big steelwork.

Source from Dungquat Economic Zone Authority was quoted as saying that if the investor wants to move on, it has to pledge to follow a clear construction road map otherwise the province would consider revoke the investment certificate, recover the allocated land, and pay back to the investor what it has spent legitimately.

In a report by local authority addressed to the government late 2012, the disbursed investment capital of the project was said to be valued at around $ 50 million then as declared by the investor.

While the 9.9 billion Formosa steel project is on its good progress in north central Ha Tinh province, it’s not clear to outsiders which path  the Guang Lian project is heading to.

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