Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DEZA and JETRO cooperates on investment promotion

DEZA and JETRO cooperates on investment promotion
13:21:37.0, 03-09-2010

Jetro's delegates were briefed about the master plan of Dungquat

Delegates from Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) which is a governmental agency of Japan visited Dungquat Economic Zone
Authority (DEZA) office in Van Tuong on 08 March 2010 to research the business environment and investment incentives in Dungquat in
an effort to promote Japanese investment to the central part of Vietnam.

Receiving Mr. Hiroyuki Moribe who is the Chief of Jetro's Hanoi Representative Office and also the Head of Investment Promotion
Committee under the Japan Business Association in Vietnam (JBA), DEZA's leader appreciated the activities of Jetro in strengthening
the economic ties between Vietnam and Japan, and expected to see Japanese investment flow to Dungquat in a near future. At the
meeting, DEZA representative briefed the guests on the current master plan and expansion master plan, history, progress,
achievements of the economic zone as well as the applicable investment incentives. The two sides also discussed and shared their
ideas on the industrial development orientation, labour forces issues, the advantages and disadvantages of Dungquat and the
prospects of Japanese investment flow to this area.

The two parties are expected to closely cooperate in investment and trade promotion activities.

By TVdanh <mailto:%3cDanh%20Tran%20Van%3etvdanh@dungquat.com.vn>

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