Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dungquat’s refinery upgrade and expansion plan estimated to cost $2 billion

PetroVietnam Deputy General Director Le Manh Hung acknowledged during a recent meeting with the Authority of Quang Ngai, where the Dungquat refinery is located, that the plan to upgrade and expand this refinery shall be kicked off in Q.1 2015, clear site should be available in Q2 2016, and construction will commence in Q.3 2017 and expectedly complete in 2021.

The upgrade and expansion plan is estimated to cost between 1.8 to 2 billion USD and shall raise the refinery’s annual capacity from the current 6.5 million tons of crude oil to 10 million tons.

Surroundings of the current refinery

Much hope is being casted on the formation of a giant refining-petrochemical center in the Dung Quat area where there would be many petrochemical plants to follow, not just an alone oil refinery because after upgrade and expansion, the refinery can handle more diversified types of crude oil, with more types of by-products to be used as input materials for downstream petrochemical plants. 

Research and preparation work for this project started since 2009 - the time when the Dungquat oil refinery was completed and put into operation. According to the latest study, two options are now under consideration: the project shall be invested solely by Vietnam or it shall be joined by a foreign partner, possibly Russian Gazprom group.

The necessary area for the upgrade and expansion of the refinery area is 108.2 hectares, of which 94 hectares shall be used for construction works, the safety corridor is around 14.2 hectares. In order to get such space for expansion, it’s projected to relocate around 400 families away from the area and remove some existing civil facilities.

In the latest event, Deputy Prime Minister has ordered PetroVietnam to complete the investment Project and submit to the Industry and Trade Ministry in November this year for evaluation. The project shall be evaluated by a Council to be set up by Ministry of Industry and Trade, with the participation of related Ministries and Quang Ngai province People’s Committee, and then be reported to Prime Minister by the end of 2014.


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