Monday, May 31, 2010

Dungquat Economic Zone - Overview


· Dungquat Economic Zone is located in Quang Ngai province, in the central coast region of Vietnam, halfway between Hanoi and HoChiMinh City (860 kilometers), adjacent to National Highway No. 1A and trans-Viet railway and is the starting point of one of the trans-Asia land routes connecting to the Lao PDR, Cambodia and Thailand.

· Dungquat EZ is planned by the Vietnam Government to become a multi-sectorial economic zone, which is the base for oil refining and petrochemical industries, heavy industries of large-scale (steel mill, shipbuilding, mechanics, cement production, automobile...), light industries, services of finance, banking, tourism and recreation, real estate …

· Dungquat has comparative advantages to be a favorite destination for domestic and foreign investors: strategically positioning at the heart of the nation and the region; being adjacent to Chu Lai airport; having Dungquat deep-sea port; having new supporting urbans/towns inside with adequate infrastructure, amenities and high-quality services; applying high investment incentives and favorable regimes on management and operations in accordance with international norms. 

· The fundamental infrastructure system (roads, berths, water supply, power supply, waste treatment facilities …) and social amenities (hospital, vocational training schools, recreational areas …) inside Dungquat EZ have been completed and ready; while the system is continuously upgraded, expanded to offer a comprehensively improved environment for in-zone enterprises. 

· More than 140 projects have been licensed or approved in Dungquat, with combined registered investment of around US$ 10.3 billion, implemented capital of more than US$ 4 billion. Some large-scale plants have been completed and are in operation now: Dungquat Oil Refinery with an input capacity of 6.5 million tons of crude oil per year which will be expanded to an annual capacity of 10 million tons; Doosan-Vina heavy industries factory; Dungquat shipyard; Dungquat Polypropylene plant… Some large-scale projects are under construction, such as Guang Lian Steel Mill with a capacity of 5 million tons per year, BioEthanol plant … It’s projected that by 2012 Dungquat EZ will attract US$ 12 billion of investment in total, with implemented capital accounting for 60-70% thereof.

· To gain more momentum for development, Dungquat EZ is oriented to be expanded, developed into a “special economic zone” or an “industrial city” and become a national oil-refining and petrochemical center. The zone will be expanded from the current area of 10,300 hectares to more than 45,000 hectares. 

· Dungquat EZ is under the direct jurisdiction of Dungquat Economic Zone Authority (DEZA) which is a state body under the Quang Ngai People’s Committee. DEZA warmly welcomes you all to Dungquat for the discovery of investment-business opportunities for your ever-expanding success!

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