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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Vietnam intends to closely supervise FDI projects’ progress

A draft version for a new decree intended to replace the current Decree on supervising and evaluating investment (No. 113/2009/ND-CP) has been publicized by Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment to obtain public opinions. What’s new in the draft? The intended new decree shall not only govern state-owned investment as previously but also cover the FDI and PPP sectors also. If approved and passed, the new decree would be an import legal instrument that foreign investors in Vietnam shall have to pay attention to.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What's new in Vietnam's Law on Enterprises 2014

The new Law on Enterprises (2014) was passed by the National Assembly in November 2014 and shall be effective as of 1st July 2015. New and existing foreign investors in Vietnam may be curious to have a look at what’s new in the Law and how the regulatory changes shall affect their business operations in Vietnam. A news article from VCCI has noted major legal updates to come into effect in the next few months.

The new law is said to provide just a general frame governing the operations of enterprises; meanwhile it seems to let enterprises to decide many details of how to organize themselves and operate accordingly.

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