Saturday, August 23, 2014

Development master plan set for Dungquat Port Complex II

Further to the expansion plan for Dung Quat Economic Zone which now covers an area of more than 45,000 hectares, a master plan to develop Dung Quat Port No. 2 in area of 1,850 hectares of land and waters has been revealed, following the approval by  Ministry of Transportation.
Dungquat Port II is designed into specialized berths dedicated to giant plants adjacent to port and the factories not adjacent but not so far away, and general cargos berths to be commonly used for the locality and the neighboring areas.

In the first phase of development expected to finish by 2020, the southern part of the port shall be built first, including a 450m long terminal for bulk cargos vessels of 200,000 DWT, 03 terminals for bulk general cargos vessels of 50,000DWT with combined berth length of 850m; a break water of 2,050m length; entrance channel of 300m width and depth of -20,5m. Further development shall be started in the northern part of the port complex in the second phase until 2025.

Then for the third phase until 2030, another terminal shall be constructed for general cargoes vessels of 50,000DWT, and around 11 terminals more are intended to set up after 2030.
Rubber-tired cranes exported at Doosan Vina Specialized Port located in the Dungquat Port Complex No. 1

The port complex No. 1 of Dungquat is now almost fully occupied, including the specialized berths for Dungquat Shipyard (dock for building ships), for Korean-invested Doosan Vina to export huge structures of boilers, cranes, desalination plants … and for the pending Guanglian steel mill. The current port also includes berths of Gemadept and PTSC for general cargoes vessels, where woodchips is extensively exported in recent years. Embedded along the huge break water of the port are petroleum jetties where oil products made at Dungquat Refinery is loaded to oil vessels.

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